The Steps Involved During Residential Septic System Installation Services In OH

Homes not located on a municipal sewer line use a septic tank system for wastewater. The technology behind a septic system is a popular method for treating minimal amounts of waste and has been in use for more than 100 years. A company that provides Residential Septic System Installation Services in OH will inspect a homesite to determine the best location for installation and create a reliable way to dispose of any waste a household may produce.

Ground Preparation

To begin, the technicians will use a backhoe to dig out an area for placement of the main holding tank and drainage field. They will also dig out a trench that extends from the main sewer pipe running from the home to the septic tank. Once all of the dirt has been removed, the remaining soil will be inspected and tested to ensure that it is stable enough to withstand the excess weight associated with a septic system.

Tank and Drain Installation

After the integrity of the soil has been verified, the next step is to install the main tank and the lines for the drainage field. The technicians will then run the main sewer line from the home to the tank and connect the septic tank to the drainage field. Installations that are in areas where gravity is not a viable option for drainage may require the use of a pump that takes excess wastewater from the holding tank and transfers it to the drainage pipes.

Inspection and System Testing

The last step performed during Residential Septic System Installation Services in OH is an inspection by the local health department. It is crucial to leave all of the components uncovered until the health department issues a septic tank use permit. Once the system is approved, the technician will then inspect the equipment to ensure reliable operation and completely cover the system with the remaining dirt.

A septic system is the recommended way to handle wastewater safely. The team at Bluffton Aeration offers a complete array of septic installation and repair services for both residential and commercial clients. Visit the website to learn more about the benefits of a septic system and tackle any waste issues once and for all. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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