Four Top Plumbing Issues

by | Aug 9, 2023 | Plumbing

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If you talk to any of the local professional plumbers in St. Augustine, FL, they will tell you stories about their more complex problems and even the interesting and/or unusual ones. Yet, certain plumbing issues they tackle every day. Some are emergencies; others are not.

Four Top Problems for Plumbers

While many issues can impact a plumbing system, some do occur more commonly across the country than others. The top four are named below:

  1. Drains: These become slow or are stopped. This affects the exit of water from a sink, tub or other drains in your home. The issue may be a clogged pipe or even a sewer system issue.
  1. Faucets: Dripping faucets can be annoying at the best of times. What they also are is costly. They waste water – often in significant amounts.
  1. Toilets: Toilets that continue to run unchecked waste a significant amount of water.
  1. Pipes: If a pipe is leaky, it often requires an experienced professional to locate the source of the issue. It could be any of the following:
    1. Stubborn clogs
    2. Incorrect pipe installation
    3. Corroded pipes and piping
    4. Damaged pipe joints
    5. Cracked pipes or seals

Make a Call to the Professionals

Although some plumbing problems can indeed be resolved by an amateur, many cannot. They require a professional plumber to come to your home or business and assess the situation. At Duck Rooter Plumbing, Septic & Air Conditioning they have both the tools and the knowledge to evaluate the problem. Talk to their experts today.

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