Signs it’s Time for Sewer Repair in Liberty Township OH

Broken or cracked sewer pipes can result in expensive property damage and in some cases, even lead to serious health problems. This is why it is imperative to recognize the warning signs that it’s time for Sewer Repair in Liberty Township OH. Professionals in the business will agree that paying attention to any unusual activity in the drains and toilets of a home can help one spot the early symptoms that the sewer line isn’t functioning at the needed capacity.

Unusual Sounds or Smells

If there are abnormal sounds or smells, they can be very telling. A gurgling noise coming from the toilet can be a signal that the sewer system is blocked by tree roots. A strong odor in the basement or yard could point toward a sewage backup that isn’t getting flushed out through the municipal line. Sewage backup in the shower or sink is clear evidence that a sewer line problem is to blame.

Flow of Water

The rhythms of the pipes are very important. A complete lack of water in the toilet or a slow-flowing drain could be symptomatic of a big problem. If suddenly the water from the sink or even the washing machine is taking longer to drain out, this is an indication of a problem. Those with a basement who notice water pooling around the drain should recognize that they have a sewer line issue at hand.

Potential Health Risks

While backups and damage to the mainline may seem like a problem that is able to be put off onto the backburner, this isn’t the case. When the lines get choked off and are not promptly cleared, raw sewage can back up into sinks, causing not only significant collateral property damage but also sewage can spread illness and disease, even leading to death. There are millions of reported cases of illnesses caused by sewage contamination each year.

Those in need of sewer repair in Liberty Township OH can turn to the professionals at Jacobs Plumbing & Excavating. They handle everything from drainage repair to sewer replacement. They have emergency services available since these issues never seem to happen at a convenient time. They are bonded, insured and licensed. For more information or to schedule service, visit.

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