3 Signs You May Need a Water Line Repair in Park Ridge

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Plumber

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There are many things that we need for our homes to run smoothly. We need electricity, we need heat in the winter, and we need fresh water. Without water, you can’t cook, clean, bathe or do many other daily activities. Houses are built with the main water line that directs water from the local supply to your home’s internal plumbing. And just like any other man-made product, this water line could need repair at times. How do you know if you need water line repair for your Park Ridge home?

1. Is your water bill suddenly very high?

If you’ve noticed a significant increase in your water bill lately, there are likely three things that could be happening. The first two things are that you’ve increased your use of water dramatically, or the local governing body has raised the price of water service. If neither of those things is the problem, then it’s likely that your main water line needs a repair. It could be that there is a leak, due to rust, a break from a tree root, or some other problem.

2. Your water is looking or feeling different than it used to.

Does your shower no longer have the good pressure it used to? Have you noticed that your water seems to have a bit of a rusty tint tot it? These things could be signs that you need water line repair services. Park Ridge homes should have great water pressure, and clear, fresh water at all times – that’s why North Coast Sewer and Drainage is here to help.

3. Does your lawn have spots that just won’t dry out?

If you’ve noticed that the grass on your lawn always has certain spots that are soggy, consider calling us to inspect the main water line. It could be that a leak below the lawn is causing water to sit in certain areas, instead of draining away. This could be happening even through the tiniest crack in a water line.

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North Coast Sewer and Drainage are here to help you maintain your lawn and your home, by keeping your water lines in good repair at all times. If you suspect you need repair services, contact us at (847) 361-0970.

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