Call a Commercial Plumber in Edison NJ For Toilet Replacement and Repair

Most business owners don’t think much about their toilets until there’s a problem, and they continue using the same units for years. While toilets are designed for durability, they, like other components, may occasionally experience problems. If any of the below signs are present, the homeowner should consider calling a Commercial Plumber in Edison NJ.

Persistent Clogging

Many commercial building owners decide to replace toilets when they just won’t do their job anymore. Clogs are inevitable, but if it seems as if there’s a clog with every use, it may indicate that it’s time to install a better toilet.


Today’s toilet bowls are composed of porcelain, and a crack in the bowl can bring the need for total replacement. Cracked lids are common as well, but a lid is more durable than a toilet bowl is. If there’s a crack in the bowl, inspect the floor beneath for water damage. If there’s a problem, the building owner may need to call a Commercial Plumber in Edison NJ for toilet replacement.

Internal Leaks

Internal leaks are another serious problem, but they often escape notice because they’re not as obvious as a cracked toilet bowl. The easiest way to detect an internal leak is to listen for a hissing sound when the toilet isn’t in use. Alternatively, owners can drop food coloring into the tank and wait a few minutes to see if it seeps into the bowl.


In some cases, a building owner may just want to replace an old toilet due to age. Today’s toilets use less water than previous years’ models, and they can help budget-conscious business owners save on monthly utility bills. Replacing all the toilets in a business may be a significant investment, but it can pay for itself in the long term.

Toilets are a utilitarian part of a building, and many owners take them for granted. However, toilet troubles can be inconvenient and expensive. Get more information on toilet maintenance, installation, and repair from a local commercial plumber. Call today to schedule an estimate or a service call, and let toilet problems become a thing of the past.

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