Choose carefully when you need a new water heater

Not having immediate access to hot water can strike fear into any homeowner’s heart! Probably the only thing worse would be an overflowing toilet, but the luxury of hot water is so taken for granted that panic often ensures when there is suddenly a problem. Most people give no thought at all to their water heater while all is going well, and they never consider having a plumber come to look at it or service it. This could actually solve many problems before a water heater fails, and could be a cost effective measure that would prevent needing an entirely new water heater.

However, if your water heater has finally failed, you’ll probably be in a rush to replace it. While being without hot water is most inconvenient, you really should take time to consider which heaters will be most suitable for your particular needs, and which would be most energy efficient. There are many different types and brands and models available, so take time to consult with experts and make an informed choice.

Types of water heaters available

There are a wide variety of water heaters in Highland Park Il that are available on the market. The conventional storage water heaters operate through a tank, and there will be instant hot water available at any given time. The hot water will be drawn from the top of the tank and cold water will fill from the bottom, and start being heated. Having instant access to this hot water is costly, which is why many people turn off their water heaters when they are out of the home. Having piping hot water available all through the day when you are not even there can be a waste of energy.

A tankless water heater is exactly that – there isn’t an available tank of hot water, and you draw water when you need it. The water is quickly heated by natural gas or propane and is very rapidly hot. This is obviously much more efficient from an energy perspective. Solar water heaters are excellent if you live in Highland Park Il because of the abundant sunshine available. It might be a good idea to consult with a professional firm, such as BMW Plumbing, Inc., which has a wide range of products available and can offer maintenance services as well as other plumbing services if required.

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