Common Problems that Require Toilet Repair in Atlanta, Georgia

Common toilet problems like slow filling, ghost flushing, and leaking are issues that many homeowners deal with from time to time. Although these problems are annoying, the good news is that they’re relatively easy toilet repairs for Atlanta, Georgia, homeowners. Keep reading to learn the causes of these toilet problems and the best repair solutions.

Slow Draining Toilets

It’s not uncommon for toilets to fill slowly after flushing. This problem is caused by a weak water supply. Check the toilet water supply valve to make sure it’s opened completely.

Ghost Flushing

This toilet problem gets its name because the toilet seems to flush on its own. When this happens, the issue is usually a broken interior toilet part, like the chain or flapper. Replacing these parts can fix ghost flushing and toilets that run nonstop.

Toilet Leaks

There are two kinds of toilet leaks. The first one is obvious because water is visibly leaking out from the toilet’s base. Fixing this problem requires replacing the wax seal or tightening the bolts at the base.

The other kind of toilet leak occurs when there’s a leak between the tank and the toilet bowl. When this leak happens, it’s an indication there’s a problem with the flush-valve system. It’s a simple fix that most homeowners can do themselves for less than $20.

Don’t let toilet problems get out of hand. For professional toilet repair in Atlanta, Georgia contact Rooter Plus.

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