Considering Different Options for a Bathroom Vanity in Orange County, NY

With some time and money set aside, the homeowner is ready to tackle a complete makeover of the bathroom. The project will involve getting rid of the old Vanity in Orange County NY and replacing it with something new and different. Before the dismantling of the bathroom gets underway, it makes sense to decide what sort of vanity would be right for the space. Here are some factors to consider closely.

A More Functional Size
How large does the new Vanity in Orange County NY need to be in order to truly provide the function that the homeowner craves? Perhaps having two basins instead of one would make it easier for everyone to get ready in the morning. Ample storage space underneath, both in terms of shelves and drawers, will also help eliminate some of the clutter in the space. Based on the square footage of the bathroom, determine how much space can be devoted to the vanity and look for designs that provide most if not all of the desired benefits.

The Materials Used
What materials would provide the look and the function that the homeowner wants? While porcelain countertops and basins are common, why not think outside the box? A stainless steel vanity is practical and also adds an unexpected element to the bathroom. The steel can be used for the counter, the basin, and even the base if desired. There is also the option of using a wooden base and a stainless steel counter.

The Style
What sort of design would look nice in the space? Would a raised basin be more attractive than the traditional recessed style? Depending on the tastes of the owner and the amount of room available, one approach will be a better choice than the other.

To get more ideas on what sort of bathroom vanity would work in the space, visit and take a look at the designs offered. Make sure to pay close attention to the dimensions of any vanity that catches the eye. Doing so will go a long way toward finding the right solution and ultimately ending up with a bathroom that is exactly what the owner wants.

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