Expert Tips to Avoid Winter Plumbing Leaks

Winter is one of the worst times for residential plumbing. Not only do you want to ensure your pipes are in good condition so that you always have a source of hot water, but you also want to be proactive when it comes to preventing leaks. With the help of a reputable residential plumbing contractor in Alpharetta, Georgia, you can keep water flowing through your pipes rather than all over the floors of your home.

Insulate Your Pipes

One of the very first things you’ll want to do this winter is insulated your pipes with a high-quality foam. Exposed exterior pipes and those under the sink and in crawl spaces are the most vulnerable, so start with those first. Proper insulation is especially important if you plan on being out of town for an extended period of time this winter. You don’t want to come back and discover that a small lake has taken up residence in your home.

Take Care of Plumbing Leaks

No matter how minor a leak is, have it repaired by a Residential Plumbing Contractor In Alpharetta, Georgia.. Those small cracks in the foundation of your plumbing system can be the beginnings of serious problems as the season goes on and the temperatures continue to plummet.

Drain Your Water Heater

Drain your water heater if you can’t remember the last time you did so. There might be harmful sediment in your pipes, which is especially common in homes with hard water. Left too long in your heater, that sediment can travel into the water you and your family drink and use to cook and bathe. Reach out to a reputable residential plumbing contractor in Alpharetta, Georgia to take care of that rust for you.

Disconnect Your Garden Hose

Any hoses outside of your home should be drained, disconnected and stored until the spring season. The reason for this is that any water left in your hoses can freeze up, expand and demolish your pipes and possibly your finances at the same time.

Clean Out Your Sump Pump

While you’re taking care of your home’s water heater, don’t forget about the sump pump. Have a residential plumbing contractor in Alpharetta, Georgia inspect and clean your sump pump as well at the sump pump pit. Doing this reduces the chances of your sump pump freezing up in the winter, which may prevent it from working properly.

With the help of these tips and a residential plumbing contractor in Alpharetta, Georgia, your home’s pipes can remain in tiptop shape. Start looking for the most reputable residential plumbing contractor in Alpharetta, Georgia now. Contact Rooter PLUS for more information.

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