How Does a Sediment Water Filter in Troy, OH Work?

Different types of water filters are designed to fulfill different purposes; some remove chemicals, while others remove metallic contaminants or charged particles. Homeowners that want to remove suspended solids from their drinking water, however, need to look into installing a Sediment Water Filter in Troy OH. Read on to find out how these filters work and why they’re so essential.

Why Are They Necessary?

As tap water makes its way through pipes, it tends to pick up particulates such as rust, clay, sand, and small pieces of organic matter depending on its origin. These particulates are known within the water purification industry as sediments, and though they don’t tend to affect the taste of drinking water they do have a detrimental effect on kitchen appliances and can interfere with the performance of other advanced water filters.

How Do They Work?

Sediment-water filters are essentially advanced sieving devices that can filter out particulates before the water reaches other filtration systems. They can be made out of a wide variety of materials including polyester, ceramic, cellulose, polypropylene, and even glass fibers, each of which has a different micron rating. Micron ratings describe the maximum particulate size that the filter cartridge can remove, with most residential filters offering a 5-micron rating.

A Sediment Water Filter in Troy OH can be installed either as a stand-alone filter or as a complement to other water filtration systems. They do not remove contaminants like chemicals and heavy metals and do not improve the taste or smell of water, so often homeowners choose to use additional filtration methods as well.

What Are Some Common Applications?

Sediment filters are almost always used in conjunction with UV water filters and reverse osmosis systems to prevent clogging and damage. They can also be used as post-filters after the rest of the water filtration process has been completed.

How Can Homeowners Get a Filter?

Those interested in learning more about sediment filters and their installation can contact for additional information. This company also offers installation services for water softeners, drinking water filters, UV light filters, and reverse osmosis systems, making it easy for homeowners to get all of their water filtration needs to be taken care of at once. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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