Let an Expert Install That New Water Heater in Allentown

The water heater is arguably the most misunderstood and forgotten appliance in the home and in some instances, it may not even be found there. This is due to the various ways that a Water Heater in Allentown can be installed. Common locations include the garage, attic or basement, but some homes actually place this useful tool outside the home in a small shed or attached closet. The reason for these odd locations may be the fact that the water heater could be dangerous and that some models need to vent gases from the burning fuel. This makes areas like the garage an obvious choice because there is less chance that a failing system can cause much damage.

The typical Water Heater in Allentown is a storage tank system with either an external heating unit that runs on natural gas or an internal heating element that generates heat through electrical resistance. The primary problem with storage tank systems is corrosion. This occurs around the base of the unit where it is exposed to heat or around the connections. Thankfully, there is an option to avoid this problem known as a tank liner. This method of protection uses either glass or cement to coat the inside of the system. Surprisingly, cement is the preferred choice because it provides a better coating inside the tank.

One alternative to a storage based water heating system is the tankless or flash water heater. This type of appliance comes in two models, the room-sized unit and a whole house version. The latter will need a bit of calculation to determine the exact size requirements for the family. Large homes that use a lot of heated water may need to opt for the next size up to ensure enough hot water is pumped through the pipes.

The standalone tankless unit is the perfect choice for smaller spaces. Consider an apartment with very little room. Installing a flash water heater in a cabinet should provide all the hot water the place requires and there is no money wasted on excessive fuel bills. This can be very useful because any money saved on expenses will help cover the cost of the new appliance.

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