Need a New Boiler in Rockland County NY?

Most modern homes have central air and heating. But there are still many homes in the United States that are heated by water boilers. Both older and contemporary homes use oil and gas fired or electrically heated boilers as part of a radiant heating system.

A radiant heat system, quite simply, circulates heated water or steam through a series of pipes and either through a grid or radiators to deliver heat throughout the house. This is an elegantly simple concept and has been used to heat houses and buildings for over a century now. Boiler-based heating guarantees the delivery of heat to every room, and is relatively easy to maintain. it does not require blowers or ducting. The simple physical principles of water circulation and heat transfer via convection is the entire basis for the design.

At the core of the radiant heating grid is, of course, the boiler. Water boilers will last for a long time but will eventually need upgrading and replacement. When it comes time to seek out a dealer and installer for that new Boiler in Rockland County NY, ask for an EnergyStar system. Antiquated boiler heating systems are about as inefficient as can be imagined. They were built at a time when energy efficiency wasn’t even a consideration, but that is certainly no longer the case in this era of high fuel bills and environmental concern. Some buildings still have boilers which were originally coal-fired but then retrofitted for oil or gas burning. These are likely the most wasteful of heat and fuel and should be replaced with a modern, high-efficiency system at the first opportunity. These units are most often worn out after many decades of use and terribly bulky as well. Modern boilers take up far less space in the utility area, which is an added bonus to gaining greater energy efficiency with a replacement system. But of course, installing a boiler system that utilizes up to 99% of heat energy into actually doing its job will significantly reduce both the fuel bill and waste carbon pollution through massively reduced consumption.

So when it finally is time to upgrade that heating system, and you’re looking for the right dealer for that new Boiler in Rockland County NY, try searching the website to see which system from one of twenty different brands will best suit both the building and available budget. Do it today.

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