Plumbing Services in Maple Valley, WA Can Get Rid of Drain Clogs

No one wants to deal with a drain clog, but there are ways to damage a sink or clog the shower drain inadvertently. To ensure that the home’s plumbing is not harmed, learn and follow these tips from local plumbers.

Scrape the Dishes Before Washing Them

The first tip is perhaps the easiest. Many people end up calling for plumbing services in Maple Valley, WA because they allowed food waste to gather in the sink drain. This not only clogs the pipes; it can cause permanent damage if the homeowner allows things like grease to settle into the fixtures. Grease in the kitchen’s plumbing makes it easier for things to get stuck, which can make clogs even worse. To avoid these problems, scrape dishes over the trash can before washing.

Clean Out the Shower Drain After Each Use

While most know that allowing hair to build up in the drain can lead to a clog, residue buildup from soap and shampoo can cause problems as well, which can result in the homeowner paying for expensive drain cleaning services. After taking a bath or shower, make a habit of cleaning the soap debris and hair from the area around and inside the drain.

Use Drain Cleaner Wisely

Though commercially available drain cleaners can help to remove clogs in the sink or the shower, using it too liberally can make a drain clog much worse. Try to use it a little at a time, or call for plumbing services in Maple Valley, WA. Plumbers have access to industrial-strength drain cleaners and special tools, which are more efficient than the types available at home improvement stores. Above all, if there’s a clog, be aware of the amount of drain cleaner that’s being used on it.

Call the Pros at the First Sign of a Problem

Most people take a functional shower and sink for granted, and a clog can be a real inconvenience. Where the drains in the sink and shower are concerned, it’s important to avoid things that can cause damage to the pipes. For the best plumbing services in the area, visit Pat’s Plumbing to schedule an appointment.

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