Reasons for Sewer and Water Line Replacement in Sewell, NJ

Several things can cause a blockage in sewer and water lines. The most common issues include a build-up of grease, waste, or a lot of paper that has not broken down quickly enough. Large particles from a garbage disposal can also get jammed in the lines, resulting in blocked lines. Many of these problems can be remedied with a simple plunger, or a tool used by a plumber. If homeowners notice a slow drain, a toilet that takes longer to fill up after flushing, or an unusual smell coming from the sink, calling a plumber at that point can save time and money.

If there is a lot of damage to the lines, sewer and water line replacement in Sewell, NJ, may be required. Pipe seal breakage, corrosion, shifting soil, freezing ground, and root infiltration can all cause the lines to become damaged or restricted. That may cause a back-up of the lines, a burst in the pipes, or a total failure of the system. Traditionally, plumbers had to try to determine where the block was most likely to be and dig up the yard to find the exact location of the problem. That process takes a lot of time, requires major equipment, and is expensive. Another way to assess the situation is to use a sewer camera for diagnostic purposes. That allows plumbers to pinpoint the exact location of the blockage, damage, burst, or corrosion in about an hour, without having to dig up the yard.

Advanced methods for dealing with obstructions may be able to prevent sewer and water line replacement in Sewell, NJ. Root infiltration, for example, can now be corrected in some cases without cutting down the tree, or replacing the whole system. A narrow trench can be dug out to get to the pipes, remove the roots, and redirect the root system. A wall between the roots and the pipes creates a barrier to prevent the issue from continuing. A small section of piping is replaced, and the trench is filled in again. The tree roots grow around the barrier, the pipes are encased, and the problem is solved at a fraction of the cost of digging up the entire yard and replacing the entire system.

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