Some Reasons People Need Garbage Disposal Repair in Helotes TX

Garbage disposals can develop a number of problems that can be fixed by a plumber. Normally the equipment functions without any trouble for several years but eventually requires some attention. A disposal may start to leak, which the family may first notice because of odd odors coming from the cabinet under the sink. The device can jam so thoroughly that nobody in the house can get it started again. It’s time to call for Garbage Disposal Repair in Helotes TX.

Some problems are easy fixes, but the homeowner may not have realized this. The plumber who comes to the house and does Garbage Disposal Repair in Helotes TX will be glad to show the residents how to prevent similar troubles in the future and how to fix any relatively minor ones that do occur. For example, the disposal may smell unpleasant and it may have developed noticeable sludge. The homeowners may assume it needs professional cleaning, but they actually can do the project themselves. Grinding up some ice cubes and rock salt gets rid of stubborn scum and sludge, and grinding half a lemon eliminates odors. Pouring some baking soda into the disposal every week should keep it deodorized.

A leaking disposal typically develops due to vibration causing general wear and tear over time. Connections may need to be tightened, or a gasket or mounting screws replaced. If one of the blades has broken, the plumber will probably need to replace the unit. Blades typically don’t break unless someone tried to grind material that doesn’t belong in the disposal, such as large animal bones. Small bones from chicken and fish should be OK. A sluggish, clogged disposal and sink drain may be due to sending fatty material down the pipes. Although homeowners may be accustomed to using warm water for grinding, fat trimmed away from meat should be flushed down the drain with cold water so it stays intact and doesn’t melt. A contractor with a service such as San Antonio Plumbing Co. can resolve this problem and offer tips to help prevent it from occurring again. See the website  for contact details.

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