The Benefits of Installing Epoxy Sewer Line in West Des Moines, IA

Sewer lines can be prone to damage from roots and other external sources. The best way of protecting them is by installing Epoxy Sewer Line in West Des Moines IA. This technology allows sewer line repair techs to install a new epoxy pipe right within the existing pipe to strengthen it and help prevent future leaks. And, this revolutionary process can be performed without the need for damaging landscaping and floors!

The Epoxy sewer line is made using a blend of resins to create a nearly impermeable layer between a building’s sewer line and the dirt in which it’s laid. The process is fairly simple and takes only a few days. The first step is to have existing drain lines inspected with a camera. This will help technicians to identify any problems and ensure that no repair work must be performed before installation. If extreme corrosion or separation of the pipes is already occurring, this must be fixed before an epoxy line can be laid out.

Once any potential existing damage has been evaluated and fixed, the installation process can begin. Using a hydrometer, high-pressure water will be run through the line to remove any debris and clean out roots. This will restore the original pipe to its intended diameter. The liner for the epoxy will then be measured and cut to hold the epoxy in place during the drying process.

This liner is filled with epoxy and left to cure with a bladder inflated inside to encourage the epoxy to dry correctly and in the right dimensions. Once it dries, the bladder can be removed, and the line can be reinspected to check the work.

Having Epoxy Sewer Liner in West Des Moines IA installed does more than just repair damaged pipes. It prevents future leaks and cracks from occurring, eliminating the possibility of further root intrusion. It can even improve the flow of existing pipes, as epoxy is smoother than the clay, concrete, and cast iron most older pipes are constructed from. This technique stands up to the test of time, providing faster flowing and more structurally sound pipes for up to fifty years. Property owners looking to restore sewer lines without the need for expensive replacement can visit for more information.

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