Why a Professional Should Handle the New Water Heater Installation in Colorado Springs

by | Jul 29, 2016 | Plumbing

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Now that the old unit has heated its last tank of water, it’s time for the new one to be installed. To ensure the Water Heater Installation in Colorado Springs goes off without a hitch, it makes sense to have a professional take care of the job. Here are some of the reasons why a professional touch is the right way to go.

Secure Connections

The water heater installation in Colorado Springs involves checking the connections to the plumbing and to the energy source. While it’s easy enough for a homeowner to determine if the connections are made, confirming they are secure and in good condition is another matter. A professional will know immediately if new fittings, wiring, or a section of pipe is needed to produce the best results.

Compliance with Local Regulations

Not everyone is aware that the installation must be done in compliance with local safety regulations. For example, the tank of the heater must be a certain distance away from the door of the cabinet where the heater is stored. That cabinet must also be ventilated properly. A professional will know if the current setup is in line with those regulations or if some modifications are necessary before the new unit goes into the cabinet.

Testing the Heater

A professional will run the new heater through a series of tests to make sure everything is working as it should. That includes testing all the settings, making a note of how quickly the unit responds, and doing any tweaking to the connections that may be necessary. If the new heater comes with some features the old unit did not possess, the professional can help the owner understand how to use them to best effect.

There’s no point in attempting to disconnect the old water heater and deal with the installation of the new unit alone. Contact Rapid Response Plumbing today and arrange for a professional to take care of the job. Along with making sure the installation is done properly, a pro can take care of the project quickly and ensure the heater is performing at optimum efficiency.

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