Why Homeowners Choose a Gas Water-Heater Tank Instead of Electric

Hot water heaters are designed to provide a steady stream of hot water to any faucet in a home. While electric models are the most commonly used, gas models provide a great number of benefits. In order to use a gas water heater, a property must have a propane tank or a natural gas line that can provide an uninterrupted stream of fuel to the appliance. Before a homeowner decides on an electric unit, they should look at the various perks that come with a gas model. The following are just a few of the many benefits that homeowners reap by making the switch.

Lower Utility Expenses – A gas appliance can reach higher temperatures than electric devices, which means the amount of power required to operate a water heater with gas is much lower than with electric. Don’t let high utility bills cause a financial strain, when a gas water-heater tank can help ensure hot water without increasing monthly expenses. While a gas water heater may be a higher upfront cost, most homeowners find they recoup the additional cost within 1-2 years.

Quick Recovery Time – One of the biggest factors that determines whether a hot water heater runs out of hot water is its fuel source. A gas-powered heater can help heat water quickly, which will reduce the chances of running out of it. Most units can recover as much as 25 percent faster than electric-powered models, which means no longer having to fight over hot water for showers every morning.

Long Life Expectancy – A gas water-heater tank is designed to last longer than electric models, and most homeowners report a life expectancy of 15 years before having to replace a unit. Electric units are typically only guaranteed for up to 10 years before they will need to be replaced. Factor in the increased operation costs and the expense of having to replace the unit, and a gas-powered water heater is a financially smart decision.

If the time has come to replace an outdated water heater, be sure to consider a gas-powered unit. The professionals at Horizon Services provide installation and repair services, so maintaining a gas water heater can be easy and worry-free.

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