Eliminate Clogs With Help From an Experienced Plumber in Weatherford, TX

Clogs in pipes can cause more problems than slow-draining toilets or tubs. In fact, when a clog develops in the main sewer lines, it can force any waste and dirty water back into the building. This could result in sewage flowing over the floors, soaking into construction materials, and result in a lot of expensive repairs.

A Plumber in Weatherford TX can help by rooting out the clog, jetting the pipes clean, and checking them for signs of damage. Of course, every plumbing installation is a bit different, and the causes of clogs can vary.A common reason for household clogs is trash in the p-traps. P-traps, or pipe traps, are those oddly curved pieces of pipe found close to the drain connection. Their main purpose is to prevent sewer gasses from entering the home, but the way they work can also allow debris to accumulate. Solid waste such as food, hair, soaps, and grease can build up in the crook of the pipe and inhibit the flow of wastewater.

The actual repair is easy-;just remove the trap and clear away any junk. However, replacing the traps can be tough because the threads that seal things are easily damaged. This could result in slow leaks that ruin the cabinets or other materials. Plus, not all traps are easily accessible.Clogs in the sewer pipes are a different issue because they can be difficult to locate and tough to reach. The best way to handle this issue is to contact an experienced Plumber in Weatherford TX. The contractor will usually begin by rooting the pipe. A rooter is a long, flexible cable and auger that pierces the clog and gets the waste flowing again.

Unfortunately, rooting the pipe may not eliminate all the blockage. To ensure the problem is gone, the plumber will examine the sewer pipes with a video snake. This device appears similar to the rooter except there is a small camera attached instead of the auger.In most cases, the plumber will recommend the use of hydro-jetting to clean the sewer lines. This is a high-pressure cleaning system that washes away solids and sediments. Cleaning the interior of the pipe reduces the chances of new clogs forming. Plus, it makes it possible for the plumber to check the pipe for various kinds of problems. Get more information about plumbing repairs and eliminate costly drain problems.

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