Common Problems with Commercial Plumbing in Pasadena, CA

Those who run a business will probably agree that problems with the plumbing can be a distraction as well as an inconvenience to employees and customers. Those with a business that is afflicted by problems affecting commercial plumbing in Pasadena, CA owe it to their customers and their bottom line to act fast. Below is a list of the most common commercial plumbing problems and how to handle them.

Leaky Fixtures and Pipes

The single most common commercial plumbing problem is a leaky faucet. Sometimes, this can be remedied with a simple washer replacement. However, other types of leaks that are at pipe joints or water heaters are more serious. Not only do they waste water and increase utility bills, if undetected, they can also lead to expensive property damage as well as mold growth. Mold can lead to respiratory illness, nausea, dizziness, itchy eyes, and worse. The first sign of water stains on the walls or pooling moisture shouldn’t be ignored.

Clogged Toilets or Drains

Those in the restaurant business experience more clogged drains due to grease issues. Then, a common problem for those in the retail business stem from customers who carelessly flush paper towels and other items that end up blocking the pipes. A simple drain snake or plunger may be enough to clear the blockage. However, if these methods don’t work, a commercial plumbing service is sure to have the solution.

Problems with Hot Water

Commercial water heaters are built to be durable and reliable since businesses often face regulations by the health department regarding water temperature. Even so, these workhorses cannot last forever. If the heater is not producing hot water, the first step is to check the relevant electrical breaker to make sure that it hasn’t simply tripped. If that isn’t the problem, check the thermostat to see if it’s set to correct the temperature. If neither of these appears to be the problem, schedule service with a reputable plumber.

These plumbing problems can frustrate owners, employees, and customers and should be addressed as soon as possible. For issues with commercial plumbing in Pasadena, CA, contact Century Rooter Service & Plumbing. They have provided customers with fast and reliable service at reasonable rates for over 40 years. To get additional information visit the website.

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