Tips and Tricks to Help Maintain Your Septic System

by | Apr 11, 2019 | Plumbing

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For those not lucky enough to be on the city or county sewer system, the only other option is a septic tank. This tank is responsible for catching and holding all the liquid waste from your home – everything from water draining out of your sink to the gray water from your laundry to the waste flushed down your toilets. Given how important your septic tank is, you must be able to maintain the system properly. Working with a septic pumping service in Macon, GA will eventually be necessary, but there are things you can do to help prevent issues.

Annual Inspection

You should inspect your septic system once a year. That includes the following:

  • All Drains in Your Home – Check all drains and make sure that they are not slow or clogged.
  • Check the Drain Field – The drain field (sometimes called the leach field) surrounds your home and is where liquid waste drains out of the tank and into the soil. Check for standing water in this area.

Use Less Water

One way to prolong the period between calling a septic pumping service in Macon, GA is to use less water. The less water you use, the more slowly your septic tank will fill up. So, practicing good water management will help you save money over time in more ways than one! You will also help increase the lifespan of your drain field and avoid the chance of septic system failure.

Protect Your Drain Field

The drain field is one of the most critical components of your septic system and one of the most easily damaged. Avoid drain field-damaging actions. Follow these tips:

  • Plant only grass over your drain field.
  • Do not allow vehicle traffic on your drain field.
  • Do not route surface water runoff into your drain field.

Protect Your Tank and Plumbing

Avoid user-caused problems that lead to more frequent pumping by following these tips:

  • Do not drain large volumes of water into your tank.
  • Do not put grease or fat down the drain.
  • Do not pour chemicals or paints into the drain.
  • Do not put eggshells or coffee grounds down the drain.
  • Do not use a garbage disposal.
  • Do not flush feminine products.

In most cases, you will need to work with a septic pumping service in Macon, GA once every three to five years. But if you follow these tips, you may be able to reduce the frequency of pumping while extending the lifespan of your system.

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