Water Heater Installation – Why You Shouldn’t Do It By Yourself

DIY projects are critical in life as they help save time and money or even get a better version of the actual item. However, there’s a limit when it comes to these projects. While you may want to try your plumbing skills, installing a water heater yourself isn’t a good idea, and here are the reasons.


Water heater installation requires skill and experience for safety reasons. Therefore, if you’re not a certified plumber, you could risk your and other people’s lives. This is especially critical if it’s an electrical or gas water heater. You’ll likely make a mistake with the wiring or piping, creating a recipe for disaster. However, if you want to give it a go yourself, you can have a professional plumber from Phoenix, Arizona, inspect your work to avoid an explosion.

It Can Cost You More

Whether doing it for fun or saving some bucks, installing a water heater alone can cost more. First, you might damage the heater since you don’t have the knowledge, skills, or the right tools. For this reason, you may need to repair or replace it altogether.

This attracts additional costs which you may not have planned for. Simply put, you shorten the heater’s life, which can mean constant costly repairs. Worse, the warranty may not help since most manufacturers recommend a licensed plumber for installation.

Second, you might damage the water system in your house. Therefore, you’ll need repair that costs you extra cash. Finally, in the case of accidents, you might get in trouble with the homeowner if you live in a rented house.

Water heater installation in Phoenix, Ariz., requires proper plumbing from a licensed plumber. If you opt to do it yourself, you might do it wrong, posing an explosion risk. Additionally, you might damage the heater, warranting replacement or repairs, thus extra expenses. Start enjoying all the benefits of water heaters installation service by getting in touch with Armstrong Plumbing for expert installation services and repair solutions

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