What A Business Owner Should Expect During Industrial Trenchless Pipe Replacement In OH

Underground pipes are designed to allow the flow of wastewater into a sanitary sewer system unimpeded, and while they provide years of reliable use, they will break down with age. Digging up a pipe and replacing it is extremely expensive, but a more cost-effective option is to use Industrial Trenchless Pipe Replacement in OH. Some consumers are leery of this type of repair, and while it is a relatively new service, it restores operation of an underground pipe quickly and without breaking the bank.

Video Inspection

To begin, a technician will utilize an auger device equipped with a camera that allows them to determine if replacement is warranted and to measure the internal diameter of the pipe. If the measurements allow Industrial Trenchless Pipe Replacement in OH, they will then measure the length of the pipe that requires repair. The needed elements will then be manufactured, and an installation date will be scheduled.

New Pipe Insertion

Trenchless repair does not require removal of dirt, as the technician will insert the new pipe into the existing one. The new piping is usually constructed of a high-quality PVC and is coated with a resin material that allows it to cure underground and without the use of additional chemicals. The time required for installation is dependent on the length of pipe being replaced and the condition of the existing line, as those that have extreme wear and tear may pose challenges during the process.

Final Inspection

The curing process typically takes 24 hours and, after the pipe is set, the team will then inspect it to make sure the installation was successful and no obstructions are present. Most companies utilize a video camera to verify the final results. After the all clear is given, a business will be able to resume normal operations and use their wastewater disposal system as usual.

A malfunctioning sewer line often leads to a halt of a company’s operations. The team at Bluffton Aeration is a leading provider of trenchless repair and offers 24/7 emergency service. Visit the website to learn more and have any sewer line repaired in less time and for less money. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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