A Professional Plumbing Service in Palm Springs CA Ends Problems With Noisy Pipes and Fixtures

People who live in a house with plumbing pipes that make noticeable banging noises will recognize the term plumbers use to describe this: water hammer. Other noises that can occur in the pipes can include minor knocking as well as vibrating sounds. These problems can be resolved with professional Plumbing Service in Palm Springs CA.

The Banging Water Hammer

Water hammer is an apt term because it sounds like a hammer hitting the pipes. This most commonly occurs when water is shut off abruptly, including when a washing machine finishes filling the tub. Water hammer usually involves pressure that is too high or air chambers that have become filled with water. Calling for assistance from a Plumbing Service in Palm Springs CA will end this annoying noise.

Other Disturbing Noises

Pipes also can squeal when water runs if certain flaws in the plumbing are present. Aside from the pipes, showerheads may squeal and whine, and toilets can make whooshing or whistling sounds if the fill valve leaks water and automatically refills. Rattling noises can occur after a toilet tank fills if the fill valve assembly is worn out.

The household residents may hear a sound like water pulsing in the pipes when a tap is running, or the toilet tank is filling. It should be flowing smoothly, but instead, it’s swirling. This tends to occur in old metal pipes that have accumulated hard mineral deposits over time. Those pipes will need to be replaced to end this problem. Plumbers now prefer to replace metal pipes with plastic because of the various advantages.

The Importance of Repair and Replacement

All of these bothersome noises can be eliminated by plumbers with a company such as All Seasons Air Conditioning Plumbing & Heating Inc. Banging, rattling and vibrating pipes and fixtures are irritating, but that’s not the only reason to have a plumber address the issue. Frequent movement can cause them to come loose from their fittings, leading to bigger problems. Mechanical issues like leaking toilet valves that are not replaced or repaired tend to get worse until substantial amounts of water are being lost every day.

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