How Do You Know You Need Drain Repair in San Diego, CA?

Wastewater is removed from your house when it goes down the individual drains. Once it is down the drains, it recollects into the sewer main, where it is finally taken to your septic tank or to a municipal treatment facility. So typically there are a few points of failure in a typical drain system. You need to know what to look for to identify one of those points failing. That’s a sure indication you need drain repair.

Multiple Drains Are Slow

If a drain is not completely clogged, it still might drain slowly, which means it has a partial clog. If it’s just one drain, it’s likely some hair or some soap that is stuck in the drain. You can use a liquid rooter or a drain snake to remove the source of the clog. However, if you can’t reach the clog, you need drain repair in San Diego, CA.

Alternately, if more than one drain is draining slowly, it means you most likely have a partial clog further down in the system. You have a drain somewhere closer to the sewer main. You need to click here to see what can be done about that problem, for it could turn into a serious emergency if left untreated.

Puddles in the Yard

Another sign you need drain repair is puddles in the yard when it’s not raining. If you have a massive leak in your main drain, you could see it first as water puddling up in the yard because it’s not getting taken to the water treatment facility. Instead, it’s just leaking into your yard. If you start seeing this, call a plumber immediately. Such a situation could be a health and safety hazard as well as be very expensive to repair.

These are just two of the signs that something has gone wrong and you need to call a professional to address it right away.

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