Calling A Service To Do Pipe Repair in Huber Heights OH

When a pipe breaks, water that comes out of it could lead to excessive damage of an interior of a home or business. It is best to contact a plumber as soon as a pipe breaks so proper Pipe Repair in Huber Heights OH. Here are some steps that will help to protect pipes during cooler weather so that they are less likely to break when the temperature plummets.

Use Insulation To Warm The Contents

Pipes that are covered with a layer of insulation will be less likely to break as the water inside may stay warm enough to avoid freezing. Purchase foam sleeves or tape from a hardware or home goods store to wrap around pipes in the structure. It is especially important to use these tools on pipes in areas of the structure where cooler temperatures are expected, such as in a garage, basement, or crawl space.

Add Heat To Keep Pipes Warm

When temperatures are expected to drop, it is a good idea to turn up the heat in a structure so that pipes are less likely to break. Open cabinetry so pipes inside are exposed to room temperature. Consider using a portable heater to keep garages or basements at a warmer temperature during cold snaps.

All For Faucets To Drip

When spigots are slightly turned on so that water drips out of faucets, the constant movement inside of the pipes will help to keep the contents from freezing. This can be done with the cold water spigots on sinks and tubs in the structure. If the warm water is used, a hot water heater will need to run constantly, adding to the cost of energy usage in the home.

When there is a need to protect pipes in a home, or if there is a pipe burst that requires repair, contacting a service that handles these jobs is necessary. Call a reputable company known for their prompt Pipe Repair in Huber Heights OH to handle plumbing needs in a home or business. Reach out to today to make an appointment or find out about rates. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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