Don’t Attempt AC Installation on Your Own: Hire HVAC Contractors

Traditionally, HVAC systems are categorized in two groups: residential and commercial. The main difference between these two systems is in size and scale. Residential HVAC systems are a little smaller and more efficient because they’re designed for homes while commercial HVAC systems are larger and consume more power because commercial buildings are bigger and more difficult to cool.

Whether you’re building a house or a commercial building, you should know why it’s better to hire HVAC contractors for your AC and heating than it is to attempt to install your new system on your own.

Residential Systems Are Still Challenging

While it’s true that residential HVAC systems are usually smaller than commercial systems, they’re still difficult to install. AC units are easily damaged as the coils are quite fragile and the possibility of getting a coolant leak is higher when you don’t know what you’re doing. While it’s perfectly acceptable to go DIY with a lot of your home building projects and renovations, HVAC systems are simply too valuable to risk ruining by installing them incorrectly. For residential jobs, it’s much smarter to spend the extra money and hire some HVAC contractors to install your AC and heating correctly.

Commercial HVAC Systems Are Big

If you’re in the process of building a commercial building, you have probably hired several subcontractors already. Hiring several sets of contractors isn’t always the most affordable option so you might feel tempted to ask someone who isn’t qualified to handle HVAC system installation to work on your commercial AC system. However, by hiring someone who isn’t qualified, you could risk a poor installation and your HVAC system might not work properly in the end.

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