The Importance Of A Tune Up For A Heating And Air Conditioning Unit

As the summer heat gets closer, many people are planning on activities they can do to remain in their cool and comfortable home. However, what happens if the air conditioner isn’t cooling as effectively as it was last year? Or, if the energy costs for the hotter months seem to skyrocket compared to what they usually are? In most cases, this is an indication of a problem with the heating and air conditioning unit near Mundelein. The good news is, most issues can be found and resolved quickly by scheduling an annual system tune-up.

Why are Tune-Ups so Important?

Even if everything seems to be working properly with the system, it is a good idea to invest in a tune-up for a heating and air conditioning unit near Mundelein at least one time a year. Annual tune-ups can help a person save money now and in the future. Some of the ways they do this can be found here.

  • Increase system efficiency by cleaning the condenser coils.
  • Avoid the need for emergency repairs with proactive maintenance and replacements.
  • Improve safety by having worn or loose wiring replaced.
  • Extend the unit’s lifespan by fixing small issues before they turn into bigger ones.

Most system tune-ups will include a comprehensive cleaning and an inspection of all the parts, a check of the coolant level, lubrication of all moving parts, thermostat adjustment and the use of an instrument to test the belts, fans, motors and other moving parts.

The Filters

Most homeowners know how important it is to change the system filters regularly. However, if they are unsure about this, the technician handling the tune-up can walk them through how to do it. If the filters aren’t changed regularly then the system may become less efficient and cost more to run.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by hiring a professional technician to handle the tune-up of a HVAC system. They can ensure the system is running efficiently and that there are no serious issues present. To learn more about this service, take some time to contact Gleason Heating and Air Conditioning. Scheduling tune-ups twice a year will help keep a home’s system running efficiently.

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