Mistakes That Lead To The Need For Sewer Repair in Indianapolis IN

by | Dec 7, 2018 | Plumbing Services

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How many homeowners ignore their drains and sewer lines until it’s too late? A lot of the need for sewer repair in Indianapolis IN can be avoided if property owners would just pay more attention to their drains and sewer lines when they think there aren’t any problems. Proper use and conducting routine maintenance really help when it comes to preventing problems.

Caring For Drains

Perhaps the easiest way to duck the need for sewer repair in Indianapolis IN is taking care of drains. Blocked drains are usually preventable. Introducing the sewer system to things that it wasn’t designed to handle is a recipe for disaster. For example, toilet tissue is designed so that it will dissolve in the sewer system. Paper towels can linger in drains and sewer systems. Hair, grease, and other debris can accumulate on paper towels and other non-biodegradable products. That eventually leads to clogged lines that could cost a lot of money to repair.

Other Drain Care Tips

For some homeowners, taking care of drains is a full-time job. Parents have to make sure that their children don’t abuse their drains. Kids can be sneaky and flush things down toilets that don’t belong there. Toddlers need to be told not to flush toys down toilets. They also have to know that garbage doesn’t belong in toilets. Click here to find out more about drain and sewer care.

Root Issues

Roots are problems for property owners in every part of the country. If there are trees, there can be root problems. Fortunately, root problems can be prevented. When a new tree is planted, care must be taken to make sure it isn’t placed by any existing sewer lines. Trees that are planted when the property is built will usually be a good distance away from any sewer lines. Homeowners who don’t want roots invading their sewer lines in search of water need to make sure their trees are getting enough water.

Even when homeowners take the right prevention measures, they still have to make sure that they periodically get their sewer lines cleaned. Cleaning sewer lines helps to clear out dirt and debris that might be slowly accumulating within the system.

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