Plumbers in Philadelphia Help Homeowners Make Tough Decisions

Even the best plumbing installations will need repairs or updates at some point. Philadelphia area homeowners are often faced with making difficult decisions related to maintaining, updating, or replacing various components of their plumbing systems. When those occasions arise, it’s important to discuss all the potential solutions with a plumbing professional.

Updating Old Plumbing

Much of Philadelphia’s housing stock is 50 or more years old. That means the plumbing materials in those homes may have deteriorated significantly since they were installed.

When leaks or other issues occur, homeowners want to know what options they have for repairing or replacing aging pipes. When old, galvanized pipes are still in place, for example, most plumbers will recommend replacing them to improve the water flow and minimize the potential for catastrophic leaks.

Newer copper plumbing may not need to be replaced, but some repairs may be indicated depending on the condition of those pipes. Many times, issues occur when dissimilar materials are used without the proper isolating fittings being used between those materials. A plumbing expert can quickly diagnose any issues and provide appropriate solutions.

Replacing Old Fixtures

Sinks, bathtubs, toilets, and showers are frequently targeted for updates, as older styles and colors simply don’t fit today’s lifestyles. If your home is in need of updating, plumbers in Philadelphia are happy to discuss options including updating to water-saving units, installing deluxe showers, and replacing aging sinks and faucets with new, up-to-date versions.

Reduce Utility Expenses with Modern Water Heaters

For years, homes were constructed using traditional tank-type water heaters. They work, tend to last for many years, and are relatively inexpensive. On the downside, however, they tend to cost quite a bit to operate as keeping a tank full of water hot all the time consumes a great deal of fuel or electricity.

Today, hybrid water heaters and on-demand units allow homeowners to select an option that’s more energy efficient and still provides all the hot water needed. In most cases, the best options are more expensive than traditional tank-type heaters, but the long-term costs are significantly lower.

Plumbers in Philadelphia are always poised to answer your questions or provide ideas for updating a home’s plumbing system. Get more information now and you’ll have the knowledge needed to make important decisions about your home’s plumbing.

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