Things to Consider When Upgrading With Toilet Repair Services in Diamond Bar CA

In the past, toilets came in a limited number of colors, styles, and shapes, but that’s not the case anymore. Today’s consumers have countless choices when it comes to toilets, which can make it hard to find the right model. It’s OK to be choosy because toilets tend to be around for a long time. Below are several things to think about when selecting a toilet.

Rough-In Size

The first thing a customer should consider is the toilet’s rough-in size, which is the distance from the rear wall to the center of the toilet’s drainpipe. Most toilets have a rough-in size of 10-14 inches; anything smaller may make Toilet Repair Services in Diamond Bar CA more difficult. It’s best for the homeowner to measure the old toilet to get the right number.

Comfort and Height

Most people don’t think about the toilet’s height when it’s in use, but it’s important to consider every option. A standard toilet has a height of about 15 inches, while a higher and more comfortable model may be 17 inches or more. Shorter models are perfect for homes with small children, but in most cases, a taller toilet is the right choice.

Water Usage

When a homeowner chooses the wrong toilet, they may literally flush their money away. Water usage can add up quickly, but there are many ways to keep toilets efficient. Certain high-efficiency toilet models come with rebates, and they may gradually offset their own costs in the form of decreased water usage.

Flushing Capabilities

It can be frightening when the water in the toilet rises to the top and it threatens to overflow. Choosing a toilet with higher flushing power can reduce worries related to overflows and clogs, but it can result in higher water usage as well. Homeowners should choose a toilet that works for their budget and their lifestyle.

If a homeowner is still uncertain as to which toilet is best for them, or they need Toilet Repair Services in Diamond Bar CA, they can call the experts for help and advice. Browse site for more details or call today to set up a service appointment.

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