Plumbing Companies in Bel Air MD Can Help With Water Heater Thermostat Adjustments

Water heaters that aren’t working at peak efficiency can take energy out of the home-;and money out of the homeowner’s wallet. However, simple changes can solve the problem. Lowering the water heater’s temperature can result in a heating bill reduction of 5% or more. However, before handling this job, the homeowner should follow these tips on water temperature testing.

Testing the Temperature of the Water

There are no special tools needed to test water temperature; a basic cooking thermometer can do the job. Turn the water on, allow it to run hot for several minutes and collect it in a pan to test it. The right temperature, according to the Dept. of Energy, is 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything over 130 degrees can be dangerous, causing harmful bacterial growth.

Adjusting the Water Heater’s Temperature Setting

Changing the temperature on an electric water heater is simple, because the gauge is right on the unit. Simply adjust the thermostat to read 120 degrees. If the thermostat is behind a plate, turn off power to the unit before adjusting it, or call a contractor. Many electric water heaters have two thermostats one at the bottom and one at the top and a contractor can adjust both.

Making Temperature Adjustments to a Gas Water Heater

With gas water heaters, there’s only one thermostat, which can be found on the bottom of the unit. It’s typically a simple knob that can be turned to change the setting. As mentioned previously, if the knob is under a metal plate, cut the power supply or call a professional before making adjustments.

Changing the Setting on an Oil-Fueled Water Heater

If a homeowner is experiencing issues with an oil-fueled unit, it’s best to call Plumbing Companies in Bel Air MD. Adjusting the thermostat on such a unit can be difficult, and a poor adjustment can result in serious burns. A plumber can put in what’s known as a mixing valve, which is a control that makes it easier for a homeowner to make temperature adjustments.

Why Homeowners Should Call a Plumbing Professional

If changing the temperature setting on a water heater isn’t working, the homeowner should contact us. plumbing companies in Bel Air MD can determine if there’s a problem with the unit, and they can decide whether repair or replacement is the most appropriate option.

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