Substances that Require the Help of Drain Pipe Cleaning Services in Southington, CT to Remove

by | May 18, 2016 | Plumbing

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The drain pipe serves to efficiently remove water. In order for this operation to happen smoothly, the piping must be ready to accept all of the water. These are few situations in which the piping should be cleaned out.

Grease is a big item that causes blockages in drainage piping. If the sink drain has been the sole source of bacon grease disposal, it is time to call for Drain Pipe Cleaning Services Southington CT. As it cools down, the grease inside the drain starts to solidify. Because it is no longer liquid, it starts sticking to the sides of the piping. It will also catch and grab other items that may travel down the piping. This can cause a major backup to occur or reduce the speed at which the water drains.

Small toys should also trigger a call for Drain Pipe Cleaning Services Southington CT. Little plastic items that get down into the piping have to be physically removed. Drain cleaners will not resolve this issue because they are not strong enough to dissolve plastic or other non-organic items. Toys also have edges which can trap hair and dirt. This can turn a relatively small blockage into a much bigger one that can’t be gotten rid of with a solution. Click here for more details.

Corrosive solutions also require the need for Drain Pipe Cleaning Services Southington CT. Some examples of items that should not be poured down the sink are straight bleach, used car oil, paint and other hazardous materials. While it seems easy to dispose of liquids by dumping them down the sink, these items can damage the drainage piping. Blockages can easily occur since some of these substances can coat the drainage piping. Even if these substances are diluted by water, they can still cause issues. The piping must be thoroughly cleaned after an incident to prevent the need to replace the piping.

There are some substances that are not meant to go down the drain. Grease, small toys and corrosive substances should be disposed of properly instead of down a drain pipe. Contact James J Rybczyk Plumbing & Heating & Air Conditioning Inc if any of these substances have wound up going down the drain.

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